Understanding How & Why LIGHT (TNFSF14) Co-Simulation Enhances Myeloid Cell Activation & Anti-Tumor Immunity in the Setting of PD-(L)1 & TIGIT Checkpoint Blockade

Time: 9:30 am
day: Day Two


• Outlining how TIGIT-Fc-LIGHT was designed to block all TIGIT-ligand interactions, provide immune co-stimulation to CD8+ T and NK cells via HVEM and myeloid cells by LTBR
• In combination with CPI, TIGIT-Fc-LIGHT may broaden anti-tumor responses into PDL1-low and CPI acquired resistance tumors
• Addressing why TIGIT-Fc-LIGHT differs from antibody blockade of TIGIT, since its co-stimulatory activity (HVEM and LTBR versus DNAM-1) are not directly inhibited by PD1 nor down-regulated on TIL in advanced tumors