Conference Day 2

8:30 am Coffee & Networking

9:15 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Characterizing Anti-TIGIT Drug Candidates to Inform Validation & Transition into Clinical Investigations

9:30 am LIGHTing the Way for TIGIT Blockade in CPI Refractory Tumors

10:00 am Revealing New Data on the Regulatory Role of TIGIT in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

  • Walter Fiedler Associate Professor, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Franziska Brauneck Assistant Doctor, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

10:30 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

Enhancing TIGIT Therapies through Targeting Checkpoint Inhibitors in the DNAM-1/CD226 Axis

11:00 am Exploring the CD226 (DNAM-1) Axis to Improve on TIGIT’s Clinical Benefit

11:30 am Restoring DNAM-1/CD226 Surface Expression with a Potent Anti-PVR mAb, NTX-1088, to Induce Anti-Tumor Immunity

12:00 pm Harnessing PVRIG & TIGIT Combination in Anti-Cancer Immunity

  • Eran Ophir Vice President Research & Drug Discovery, Compugen Ltd.

12:30 pm Lunch & Networking

Utilizing Biomarkers to Maximize Clinical Effect

1:20 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:30 pm Personalizing TIGIT Therapy Strategy through Patient Stratification to Enhance Clinical Response

  • Sandhya Girish Vice President Clinical Pharmacology, Gilead Sciences

Glimpsing at Future Directions in Cancer Indications

2:00 pm Investigating the TIGIT Blockade in Melanoma: Where are We Now, Where to Go Next

  • Diwakar Davar Assistant Professor of Medicine, Melanoma & Phase I Therapeutics, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Hillman Cancer Center

2:30 pm Outlining the Clinical Expansion of TIGIT Therapies Beyond NSCLC

3:00 pm Closing Remarks & Close of Summit