Day One Agenda

Please Note: Times Listed as EST | PST

8:00 am Registration & Virtual Networking

8:25 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

TIGIT Axis Targeted Therapies in Review

8:30 am An Overview of the Current Development, Clinical Trials, & Key Players in the Clinical Trial Landscape of TIGIT Therapies


  • Providing a comprehensive analysis of the TIGIT trials and therapies
  • Reviewing TIGIT development in the context of the current IO R&D landscape
  • Sharing Insights into the rapidly evolving TIGIT pipeline, combination approaches and future trends

9:00 am SWOT Analysis Panel Discussion:


• What happened in the SKYSCRAPER trial?
• Progress, momentum and advancements one year on
• What are the strengths of existing TIGIT axis targeted therapies that continue to drive development?
• What is the market opportunity versus unmet patient clinical need that TIGIT axis targeted approaches can address?
• How can we overcome the high bar set by standard of care?
• What does the landscape of emerging and/or competing therapeutic approaches look like in this space?

9:15 am
Deciphering the TIGIT Axis at a Mechanistic Level & Optimizing Preclinical Models

9:30 am Revealing How the CD155/TIGIT Axis Plays a Critical Role in Pancreatic Cancer Immune Evasion

  • William Freed-Pastor Instructor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School


• Novel preclinical models of neoantigen-expressing pancreas cancer uncover a key role for CD155/TIGIT
• CD155/TIGIT axis is sufficient to mediate immune evasion in PDAC
• TIGIT/PD-1 co-blockade plus CD40 agonism elicits robust anti-tumor activity in PDAC preclinical models

10:00 am Pan-Tumor TIGIT Expression Landscape in Real World Clinical Specimens


  • TIGIT RNA expression measurements are highly sensitive and reproducible in FFPE solid tumor specimens
  • TIGIT is significantly co-expressed with other immune checkpoint molecules
  • TIGIT expression provides clinical insight into checkpoint inhibitor response in solid tumors

10:30 am Speed Networking Break

11:30 am Understanding the Complexity of CD226/TIGIT & CD96 for the Function of Tumor-Infiltrating T-Cells

  • Tobias Bald Group Leader of the Tumor Immuno-Biology Lab, University Hospital Bonn


• Exploring insights from single cell RNA sequencing in the head and neck cancer setting
• Deciphering the mechanistic reasons why TIGIT positive cells are not responding to TIGIT blockade

12:00 pm Uncovering that TIGIT KO NK Cells Have Enhanced Cytotoxicity Against Lung Cancer Cells

  • Alicja Copik Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida


• Learning that TIGIT KO-NK cells kill tumor cells better as compared to WT NK cells
• Discussing the use of TIGIT KO NK cells as adoptive cell therapy alone or in combination with antibodies targeting TIGIT

12:30 pm Investigating New Combination Strategies Based on the Blockade of TIGIT to Increase Immune– Mediated Cytotoxicity in AML

  • Walter Fiedler Associate Professor, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
  • Franziska Brauneck Assistant Physician, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf


• Evaluation of new targets for combination therapy with TIGIT to enhance T cell-mediated cytotoxicity in AML
• Dual checkpoint blockade for in vitro cytotoxicity assays
• Triple therapeutic approaches combining checkpoint blockade with metabolic targets for in vitro cytotoxicity assays
• Unleashing the innate immune system (including AML-associated macrophages and NK cells) by targeting TIGIT alone or in combination
• Repolarization and anti-leukemic phagocytosis of macrophages in vitro
• NK-cell mediated lysis of AML cells in vitr

13:00 pm Lunch

Afternoon Chairperson

  • Leonie Meima Vice President Business Development, Coherus Biosciences

2:00 pm Harnessing Spatial Approaches to Reveal TIGIT/PVR Axis & Improve Anti-PD1 Treatment in Gastrointestinal Cancer


• Using spatial analysis to identify the role of TIGIT/PVR within the tumor immune microenvironment
• Defining a combination strategy of TIGIT/PVR with PD-1/PD-L1 blockade

Leveraging Biomarkers to Identify Patient Responders, Monitor Treatment & Delve Deeper into TIGIT Axis Targeted Drug MoA

2:30 pm TIGIT: One Target with Multiple Ligands & Key Players


• Providing an up-to-date review of key potential biomarkers
• Designing smarter trials using relevant biomarkers
• Utilizing new technologies to harness the power of key biomarkers

3:00 pm Exploring TIGIT as a Marker of CD19 CAR-T Cell Dysfunction in Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

  • David Wald Associate Professor, Case Western Reserve University


• Demonstrating that TIGIT is induced on CAR-T cells after infusion into lymphoma patients
• Highlighting how TIGIT blockade can enhance the efficacy of CD19 CAR-T cells in animal models of human lymphoma

3:30 pm Afternoon Break

4:00 pm Sequential Single Cell Transcriptional & Protein Marker Profiling Reveals TIGIT as a Marker & Therapeutic Target to Enhance CD19 CAR-T Cell Therapy in Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


• Exploring the role of TIGIT in CAR-T cells
• Investigating TIGIT and CD19 CAR-T cell combinatory therapy

4:30 pm Examining How Anti-TIGIT Antibody Tiragolumab Leverages Myeloid Cells & Regulatory T-Cells to Improve PD-L1 Checkpoint Blockade


• Biomarker data from early phase studies including a randomized phase 2 study
• Preclinical confirmatory studies that shed light on the potential mechanisms of TIGIT blockade

5:00 pm TIGIT is Main Immune Checkpoint on Tumor-Antigen Specific T Cells in HPV-Positive Head & Neck Cancer


  • Demonstration of a high throughput pipeline to detect tumor antigenspecific T-cells in patients
  • Highlighting the importance of TIGIT as a target in HPV-positive head and
    neck cancer

5:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close of Day One