Welcome to the TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit

Harness the TIGIT axis through elucidating refining FcR co-engagement, devising effective clinical strategies, and developing biomarkers to accelerate TIGIT therapies to the clinic.

Despite the transformative success of immune checkpoint inhibitor therapies in numerous cancer types over the last decade, a substantial proportion of patients don’t respond, and some experience severe adverse events. This has inspired an outpouring of investment into the checkpoint inhibitor space.

The TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit arrives at a critical point for the field, with promising clinical data building for TIGIT therapies. There is now a race to identify the best TIGIT program.

This event will allow you to address the key challenges associated with TIGIT therapy development and propel TIGIT to clinical use.

While attending you can:

Refine FcγR Co-Engagement to optimize anti-tumor activity with Arcus Biosciences and Seattle Genetics

Elucidate the actions behind TIGIT therapies in different cell types to inform your future drug development with iTeos, Seattle Genetics, Shattuck Labs, Stanford University, Harvard University 

Delve into the different targeted approaches & combination strategies to optimize patient response with GlaxoSmithKline and Compugen Inc.

Enable TIGIT success through utilizing biomarkers to maximize clinical impact with Gilead Sciences

Hear the latest clinical data and approaches to utilizing TIGIT beyond PD-1 cancers and speculate where the future lies with Arcus Biosciences, Mereo BioPharma, and Beacon Targeted Therapeutics


In such a fast-paced industry, this is your unique opportunity to accelerate the safe development of TIGIT therapies with maximum clinical impact.