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The Industry-Dedicated Forum for
Next Era TIGIT Axis Targeted Therapeutics

Returning for its third year, the 3rd TIGIT Axis Therapies Summit addressed the industry’s key challenges of elucidating TIGIT axis signaling intricacies, discovering optimal immune checkpoint partners with rationale rooted in the scientific mechanism of action, validating pathway (de)activation assays, and optimizing drug design and pharmacology to accelerate novel TIGIT axis targeted therapies into the clinic.

This is your comprehensive guide to define your drug development strategy for 2022/23 and delve into the therapeutic opportunity held by the next generation of TIGIT axis targeted therapies.

Who Attended in 2022?

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Key Discussions in 2022 Included:

  • Examining the mechanisms underlying dysregulated TIGIT axis biology in disease and how to target TIGIT pathway components
  • Defining optimal immune checkpoint combination partners that improve TIGIT axis targeted drug efficacy without compromising safety
  • Exploring novel anti-TIGIT axis drug designs in terms of Fc functionality and IgG type
  • Investigating molecular signatures relevant to the tumor microenvironment and periphery
  • Incorporating unique pharmacology properties of TIGIT axis targeted drugs into trial design

New for 2022:

We’ll be diving into discovering immune signatures and biomarkers that will facilitate TIGIT axis drug development through precise patient identification and monitoring, as well as harnessing the role of the TIGIT axis in blood cancers, optimizing CAR approaches for oncology and cancer selection.

Don’t miss out on joining the largest community of TIGIT axis drug development experts for a deep dive into clinical development progress, lessons learnt and novel strategies to accelerate the next generation of TIGIT axis targeted drugs into the clinic and to patients in need.