Welcome to the TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit

Priming the immune system against solid tumors by leveraging immune checkpoint blockade has proven to be an effective tool in multiple malignancies.

Following the success of PD1/PDL1 checkpoint inhibitors a new wave of ICI now enters the clinic, amongst which TIGIT has shown exciting preliminary results and sparked great excitement in this nascent field. With 27 ongoing clinical trials investigating TIGIT in front- and second-line indications, a great deal of momentum has built in this competitive space.


However, core challenges must still be addressed by the community, such as:

Investigating the TIGIT pathway, ligands, and modes of action
Optimizing biomarker strategy to identify optimal patient populations and indications
Rationalizing combination strategy to leverage the TIGIT mechanism for maximum therapeutic benefit.


The TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit will gather the greatest minds in TIGIT research. Gain access to 1:1 time with leaders in TIGIT development, and take away tangible learnings with dedicated panel discussions and poster sessions throughout the event.

In such a fast-paced industry, this is a unique opportunity to provide an overview of the ‘knowns and unknowns’ in the field, and to accelerate the safe development of TIGIT therapies with maximum clinical impact.

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.