Welcome to the TIGIT Therapies Digital Summit

After the over-arching success of PD-1/PD-L1 inhibition over the last decade, drug developers are now looking to expand, as TIGIT therapies spearhead the next wave of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

The  2nd AnnualTIGIT Therapies Summit remains the only dedicated forum gathering biopharma drug developers to discuss this next-generation checkpoint inhibitor to advance clinical progress and deliver to those patients most in need. 

Uniting global leaders pioneering TIGIT development from the likes of GSK, Gilead Sciences, Arcus, iTeos, Agenus, Seagen, Mereo BioPharma, Harvard, Stanford & more, this 3-day summit will provide a unique opportunity to: 

  • Understand the mechanisms behind targeting TIGIT / PVR / DNAM-1 axis to better inform immune checkpoint inhibitor drug design and refine Fc receptor co-engagement
  • Exploit the combinatorial activity of anti-TIGIT agent across therapeutic modalities, from bispecific to ADC approaches, and harnessing other checkpoints in the PVR & DNAM-1/CD226 axis to improve anti-tumor immunity 
  • Optimize clinical development of TIGIT through harnessing biomarkers to maximize therapeutic impact and expand beyond NSCLC 

World-Class Speaker Faculty

A sneak peek of who's attending this year:

TIGIT whos attending banner

Here’s What Our Expert Leading Speakers Say: 

“Please join me at the meeting as we try to unravel and better understand advances in TIGIT therapies and strategies to enhance clinical response for patients” 
Sandhya Girish, Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology, Gilead Sciences

“This summit an excellent opportunity for us to share current thoughts and progress around an exciting and rapidly-developing area of cancer immunotherapy - TIGIT and the CD226 axis” 
Jeremy Waight, Scientific Director, GlaxoSmithKline  

“As we reach the end of the road for monotherapy checkpoint inhibitor therapy in most tumour types, well-chosen combinations will gain increased importance in the treatment armamentarium against cancer.  Please join us as we explore the role of the TIGIT pathway in immune modulation by cancer, and how drugging this pathway may enhance the effects of currently available checkpoint inhibitors.” 
Kartik Krishnan, Vice President Clinical Development, Arcus Biosciences